Saturday, May 31, 2008

Scrapbooking tips for beginners

First things first. whichever software you use keep in mind that the most important element of a scrapbooking layout is the photo or the photos you use. When you have picked out the photos then you can choose the embellishments, the frames, the elements and the papers.
1-Important: The colors must combine. Observe the photo and see which is the dominant color. Then choose the kit that you will use.

2-Don’t use too many photos one or two is fine and even better are several shots of the same theme.
3- Use the best shots and try to enhance your photo, if you are using photoshop go to- image- adjustments-levels and play a little. The most common mistake I see in layouts around the internet is moody pictures among bright elements.
4- Do not cut people or faces if you are not very experienced, better use a nice frame than a bad extraction. If you wish to do that, download some tutorials. There are even some filters that will help.
5-Play with texts. a nice word art and journaling will make your layout exquisite
6-Don't suffocate your layout. You don't have to use all the elements of a kit in one layout. It will look messy. Choose carefully which elements will help
to enhance your work.

7-Organise your stuff by color or theme. Most of us have a huge amount of designs. I personally forget that I have a specific element and often I design it all over again.

8-Join a scrapbooking community for inspiration and ideas.

Don't hesitate to email me any questions on difficulties you might have or if you need some ideas for a layout.


Wendy said...

Thank you for these wonderful tips. I've linked you on Creating Websites and Graphics for the new graphic creators there :o)

Anemona said...

Wendi thank you so much for this. I really appreciate it

Melanie aka Mom_of_5 said...

Organizing! You mean I'm supposed to organize everything! LOL I actually bought ACDSee, but haven't installed it yet. I dread having to go back and tag everything I already have. And, for some reason, I just keep buying MORE!!

Anemona said...

Organizing is most important. If this is too difficult for you a nice idea would be to create a folder where you keep copies of your favourite basic elements. Better in another disc for backup purposes too. I myself have so many brushes and styles I'm completly lost. I should have made a tiny preview of each brush set but I never do it and now it is so difficult to get them orginized.
Melanie thank you for your nice comments!!!

Wendy said...

You're very welcome, my pleasure :)